[Asterisk][raspberry PI] Send SMS from Dongle to Mail Adress

Login as Root to your PI check Asterisk Dongles.
Open Asterisk Shell asterrisk -r
To get list of dongles type dongle show devices, looks like this…

Note that dongle0 name and leave the Console of asterisk with exit
Than open the Config File vim /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

Save and close the Configuration file.:wq

If you get this error Message in asterisk:
at_response.c:1420 at_response_smmemfull: [dongle0] SMS storage is full
go to your Asterisk console asterrisk -r
Type in dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CMGD=1,4 to clear the SMS Cache.
Or If you wan’t to see the Messages type the following.
dongle cmd dongle0 AT+CMGL="ALL"

Now you can test the Service.

[Raspberry Pi] send Mail Konfiguration

How to Configure the Raspberry Pi with Debian image to Send Mails trouth an firewall.

Now the Mail Configuration is ready to test.


If you plan to test this Projekt you need: